What is an extension?

If you are not able to repay the pawn in full by the date due, you may elect to pay for an extension. Your paid extension will give you another 30 days from the last due date.

Can I extend a pawn though email or by phone?

Unfortunately no, you must make any extension in cash and in person by the due date on your ticket. Phone calls or electronic correspondences are not binding.

What does it mean to “pawn”?

It means to leave an item as collateral with us and receive money as a loan with the intention of reclaiming the item for the original amount given plus a fee at a later time. You will receive a memorandum when you deposit your item which will include all information required under CT State Law.

Do you do a credit check when I do a Pawn transaction?

No, there is no credit checks required. You will need approved State or Government issued ID containing certain information as required under CT State Law.

What types of items can be pawned??

We do pawns and purchases on anything of value, meaning if WE find value in the item we will make an offer to you. Some of the items we may pawn are:

  • Gold and Diamond Jewelry
  • Watches – premium designer brands and fashion watches
  • LED TVs
  • Later model Laptops, tablets
  • Cell Phones
  • Cameras, lenses and camcorders
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics of all kinds – drones, GPS, iPods, MP3, etc.
  • Home audio and Video – receivers, power amps
  • Tools & Power Equipment
  • Ladders and other contractor equipment 
  • Mobile Audio Equipment
  • Lawn and Garden – mowers, snow blowers, trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, etc.
  • Firearms – rifles, shotguns and handguns.
  • Art and Valued Collectibles Hunting Bows and fishing reels and rods and more..,
  • High end Bicycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles,
  • Vehicles & Motorcycles

Do you pawn or Buy Guns?

Yes, TC’s Pawn Company is a Federal Firearms Licensee. We can do a pawn loan or outright purchase of a firearm. Although our store does have restrictions on some types.

Will my pawn be safe while with you?

Yes, we will protect your items as if they were our own. All items are tested and inspected when taken in and are safely wrapped if needed and stored properly. Jewelry items and firearms on stored in arestricted area inside vaults using the latest technologies and securities’, all with limited access. So once again….Yes

How much money should I expect to get for my item and how is that determined?

There are many factors that determine the value of any item. The most important thing to remember is that something is only worth what it can be sold for. Placing a market value on a used or pre loved item can not include sentimental value or such.  Some items increase in value over time others not so much.  Sometimes something that is really old, is just that…old. We have many years of experience and numerous resources at our disposal to determine a fair value.

How much is the fee on a pawn transaction

Every state differs on the amount the pawnbroker may charge. The State of CT has very direct regulations in regards to this. Under CT State law pawnbrokers are allowed to charge a certain percentage charge in addition to other fees or charges including but not limited to storage, evaluation, memorandum etc…

Do you pawn or buy stolen merchandise?

Absolutely not. Here at TC’s we aim to have a higher standard. We have many store policies in place above what is required by law to do everything we can to prevent us from taking in any ill gotten merchandise. All transactions require State or Government ID and all details of any transaction regardless of scope or size is properly recorded in our records. Our records are regularly sent to out local Law Enforcement. All records in the State of CT are then uploaded onto the New England State Police Information Network® to assist in recovering any stolen items. Nationally, less than 1% of stolen merchandise is found to be with Pawnbrokers.