We specialize in paying the most competitive prices the market allows for unwanted or broken Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry, Diamonds & Gemstones, Estate Jewelry, Electronics, Tools and so much more. Providing a  much needed service to our community and surrounding areas in these challenging economic times.

For 35 years we have assisted over a hundred thousand satisfied customers get quick and easy money for their merchandise. With no credit checks! Simply bring your items into one of our convenient locations and our knowledgeable staff will instantly evaluate  your item and get you the money you need quickly.

Let us surprise you with our beautiful well lit showroom of great merchandise. More jewelry on display than most Jewelers could only dream of and isles of the latest electronics, tools and more…be sure to ask us about our money-back satisfaction guarantee on most items! We are one of the only stores of our kind with such a policy on pre-enjoyed merchandise.